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THE CHILCOT REPORT--Capture of the Boka Star--YUGOSLAVIA 2002


 from belgrade with love-- 8:20PM PST, Dec 9, 2002 with the discovery of tons of "dual-use" gunpowder/solid rocket fuel bound for iraq from the cargo ship boka star in croatian waters in october, there may be more to the white house claim of "solid evidence" against iraq than meets the headlines--but it might have more to do with the source of the baghdad-bound contraband than the evidence itself-- if the baghdad regime is color-coded with liars, belgrade would be running a close second--even using the same sympathy-begging technique--blaming it on "sanctions"--question is--did boka star's twin ship, the carlotta ii, carry the real hardware and was boka star just a diversion-- no matter, if belgrade came clean on what it knew of the powder shipment, it might have also handed over the rest of yugoimport's wheelings and dealings with iraq, especially in the wmd classification,including names and destinations-- the only thing missing from the boka star episode was double-oh-seven himself--lately, he's too busy making money at the boxoffice--

Yugoslavia caught on high seas shipping rocket fuel to Iraq
By DANIEL WILLIAMS AND NICHOLAS WOOD The Wasrungtal POU BELGRADE — Earlier this month, a ship carrying 14 con-tainers of chemical pellets sat in the Yugoslav military port of Tivat, prepanng for a voyage. U.S. officials believed that the cargo was solid rocket fuel and bound for Iraq, in violation of a U.N. ban on arms delivenes. Rather than tell the govern-ment of Yugoslavia, which receives $135 million in annual and from Washington, mistrust-ful U.S. officials called on neighboring Croatia to inter-cept the ship, the Boka Star, at sea. "We were uncertain what the response of the Yugoslays would be if we had asked them," said a senior U.S. official. The Croatians seized the ves-sel Saturday in the Adriatic Sea. Croatian and U.S. officials say they've determined that the cargo was in fact solid rocket fuel. It was labeled "active char-coal." The incident was one of a series of recent high-profile dis-coveries of suspected weapons-related products and technology illegally bound for Iraq — at a time when the United States is preparing for possible war with that country. The revelations threw light on Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's continuing ability to evade U.N. restnctions and import military goods and expertise, even from a country such as Yugoslavia that is nomi-nally friendly to Washington. The Yugoslav government on Thursday formally acknowl-edged illegal military sales to Iraq. "These violations con-cerned the repair and return of Iraqi let engines for MiG-21 and
MiG-23 fighter jets and provid-ing certain services in military-technical cooperation," a gov-ernment statement said. It promised to clamp down on future sales. That admission appeared to refer to claims that U.S. offi-cials made this month after NATO peacekeepers in Bosnia raided a state-owned military firm named Orao. Documents seized there indicated that Orao and Yugoimport, a Yugoslav government-run arms trading company, have been helping Iraq refurbish its antiquated air force. Iraq has used Yugoslav technicians to upgrade its air-craft. But Western officials con-tend that the relationship is deeper. A University of Bel-grade professor with training in missile technology has acknowledged visiting Bagh-dad, the Iraqi capital, in recent months. The United States sus-pects that technology that Yugoslavia sold to Libya ulti-mately was destined for Iraq and intended to provide the seeds to convert trainer jets into guided cruise missiles. Such a weapon could avoid U.S. anti-missile systems and reach American allies in the Persian Gulf and Israel. The news is potentially bad for Yugoslavia's efforts to improve its economy and foster closer relations with Western countries. It comes as the U.S. Congress is considering a men-sure to normalize Yugoslavia's trade relations with the United States, and when the United States is promoting Yugoslavia for membership in the Partner-ship for Peace program of the NATOalliance.

DAILY NEWS--OCT 25 2002--


-- JIC Assessment, 18 December 2002 AN INITIAL ...
  • /media/76087/2002-12-18-Assessment-JIC-An-initial-assessment-of-Iraqs-WMD-declaration.pdf
  • 18 Dec 2002
... 1500 design, has been public knowledge since the Yugoimport scandal broke
in Belgrade after seizure of the cargo of the BOKA STAR, and receipt ...


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